Proper Puss offers a variety of skin treatments including repairing damaged capillaries and tightening loose skin.



includes face, neck, décolletage

Skin Tightening stimulates collagen & elastin in this non-invasive laser treatment which is good for fine lines and sagging skin. This results in long-lasting, noticeably firmer skin and requires no down time. The laser sends energy below the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen. As a result, skin will actually begin to lift and tone over time. Collagen is a natural protein that gives skin its youthfulness by keeping it firmed, toned and elastic. Treatment time is 30 minutes and results are best seen in a series (3 or 6) monthly.

*  Skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and analyzed
*  The Laser is passed over the treatment area
*  Frosty Algae Mask application (Black or Gold depending on skin type)
*  Moisturizer
*  Suggestions for the at-home care are given
Each treatment covers the entire area with multiple invisible, yet powerful laser pulses. Generally, the treatment produces a warming sensation within the skin and sometimes it feels more like a rubber band snapped gently on the skin and is very comfortable and tolerable.
Using the deep penetrating, yet safe wavelengths of light from the Candela GentleYAG laser, your skin can begin to see improvement after just one or two treatments.

The laser produces tightening of the skin, reduced wrinkles, improvement in elasticity, improvement in skin texture, pore size and skin smoothness. While skin tightening with the GentleYAG is not a substitute for a face lift, it is an alternative to one.

Patients who are not ready for face lift surgery or do not desire it may find this just what they are looking for. If you plan on having a face lift, GentleYAG treatments can be used in conjunction to improve the quality of the skin, something face lift surgery cannot do.

The GentleYAG may be used as a stand-alone procedure or combined with our other advanced skin rejuvenation procedures such as fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. The GentleYAG can treat all skin types.

There is no specific age limit for skin tightening in adults. If you feel you have excess, loose or sagging skin, you will likely benefit from this procedure.

Also effective for acne scars, surgical scars and loose skin on the stomach, legs or arms, this procedure can be easily customized to address your problem areas.

Generally, except for some mild temporary swelling of the skin in the first 1-2 days after the procedure, there is no downtime.


Facial telangientasia (broken capillaries) can be treated successfully with immediate visible results. The treatment is performed using medical grade technology Candela GentleMax Pro which has earned a reputation of precision and power. Enlarged capillaries can occur in any part of the body but are most commonly seen on the face (nose & cheeks). Aging, genetics, and sun exposure are the most common cause and many people with a chronic skin condition Rosacea.

Results seen immediately! (like magic eraser)  Most of these capillaries will disappear  right away and others will turn a brownish in color, and over a week or so be gone.
Most broken vessels disappear from a single session, while others need a second treatment.
If you have thin, sensitive skin and are genetically prone to broken capillaries the treatment can be done as needed for maintenance.
We LOVE this treatment

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