Skin Treatments

Capillary Treatment

Facial telangientasia (broken capillaries) can be treated successfully with immediate visible results. The treatment is performed using medical grade technology the Candela GentleMax Pro which has earned a reputation of precion and power. Enlarged capillaries can occur in any part of the body but are most commonly seen on the face (nose & cheeks). Ageing, genetics, and sun exposure are the most common cause and many people with a chronic skin condition Rosacea.

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening (stimulating collagen & elastin) non-invasive laser treatment good for fine lines and sagging skin. Results are long lasting and the skin is noticeably firmer requiring no down time. The laser sends energy below the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s creation of new collagen. As a result, skin will actually begin to lift and tone over time. Collagen is a natural protein that gives skin its youthfulness by keeping it firmed, toned and elastic.


Laser pigmentation removal works by using an intense burst of light to target the pigmented lesions causing the selective healing of the upper dermis. The pigment can be precisely targeted without causing any damage to surrounding tissue or overlying dermis. After each laser treatment, a gentle wound healing response leads to new collagen formation and a clinical improvement to the treated area over time. The pigmentation/sun spot will gradually lighten and fade, slowly disappearing.