Shaffali Neem + Neroli Facial Moisture



Product Description

Soften and hydrate your skin with Shaffali Neem and Neroli Facial Moisturize. Infused with the luxurious fragrance of neroli, the revitalizing formula tones and smoothes skin with a potent cocktail of vitamins and neem – a natural vegetable oil beloved in India (and across the globe) for its skin-perfecting properties.  Vitamin-enriched facial moisturizer softens, tones and hydrates skin. Infused with natural fragrances. Replenishes your skin + spirit leaving you deeply hydrated.

Suited For: All skin types

Essential Elements: This vitamin-enriched formula features neem (a natural vegetable oil derived from the evergreen tree) and natural neroli fragrance for a light, fresh, irresistible scent.


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Weight 2 oz