Pre-booking for your Brazilian appointment is always a good idea! Once we reach a certain point in our hair growth we all start to get a little antsy and anxious about our next appointment; this is because the longer we wait the longer we tend to postpone our next appointment as a result of our nerves getting the best of us.  Having a monthly Brazilian is better for you in the long run for many reasons but primarily  the ease in pain with each session.  Of course a set schedule means that we won’t have to fret, and play mind-games with our self as we anticipate getting our next wax!

         We also recommend wax packages if you’re committed to the game. Purchase a Brazilian Wax 3 pack for $155 and our 6 pack for $295 available both in store and online. The 6 pack is always a good idea as it is the most economical, and is a stress free way to not worry about waxing for the next 6 months!

And don’t forget; pre-purchase + pre-booking = no worries!


See you soon 😉