Hard Wax Vs. Soft Wax & what’s best for your Brazilian!

Hard wax and soft wax are both very efficient in removing body hair in their own right. But depending on which specific area you’re trying to wax, you’ll find that for some areas hard wax works best and for others you’ll turn to soft wax.

One of the main difference between hard wax and soft wax is that soft wax requires the use of a strip while hard wax can be applied directly onto the skin and is then peeled off. Another distinction between hard wax and soft wax is that soft wax is best used to cover larger areas of the body such as arms and legs while hard wax is best suited for smaller, more delicate areas such as on the face and bikini area.

Because hard wax is better suited for more delicate areas it is the ideal wax for the Brazilian and Bikini wax. It also picks up the hair a lot easier and is a lot easier on the skin than soft wax.

Proper Puss is a waxing studio that helps women get a high quality hard wax in NYC and Ithaca, NY for their Brazilian.