Who doesn’t love the feel of silky smooth skin, especially in the bikini area? If you’ve never done it before, you might suspect that the Brazilian wax is the way to achieve this – and your man might like it, too ($70 for men). This type of wax removes all hair around your pubic area and butt; although, you can opt for a small landing strip or triangle of hair to remain. You can also get a Brazilian if you think it’ll encourage your man to give Manscaping a go if he’s a little unkempt. It’s only fair for both of you to give and receive! source:badgirlsbible.com


Proper Puss charges $65 for a Brazilian wax, which removes all hair from the labia and butt crack. Your hair must be at least 1/4″ long to get optimal waxing results. You should also exfoliate your skin with something like a sugar or salt scrub (or our Coffee Scrub). This way, your hair comes out quick and clean. After your wax, you must wait a week to exfoliate in the Bikini area.