How to maintain a smooth bikini line after your waxing session

An aesthetically pleasing bikini line is a reality thanks to bikini waxing. There are many different bikini wax styles that can get you the look and feel you’re most comfortable with. Still, you’re going to have to put some effort in on your part both before and after your bikini waxing session. Here’s our list of 7 bikini waxing aftercare tips to stay smooth and confident!

1. Use a Cold Compress

After your session of bikini waxing in NYC or elsewhere, your skin is in a very compromised and vulnerable state. One of the indications of this is redness and soreness around the area, which can be very uncomfortable to bear. Hot or cold therapy is effective at pain relief as they alter the blood flow in a target area to help repair damaged cells and tissues. In its compromised state, the skin should not be exposed to heat and, therefore, a cold compress is recommended to soothe the irritated areas. This should be applied multiple times daily, and it can be done in many forms such as using an ice pack or wrapping the ice in a clean cloth and apply same to the area.

2. Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

Tight clothing encourages a heightened level of sweating. Since your crotch area is usually completely covered, it has a higher risk of sweating than many other areas of your body. The problem is that tight clothing encourages sweating which allows bacteria to effortless travel along the skin. Since your pores have been newly opened, they are more prone to infection than usual. Should the area become infected, you’re looking at medical expenses that you’d surely prefer to avoid. At least for the first 24 hours after waxing, try to dress comfortably and keep your clothing loose. Also, try as hard as you possibly can to avoid sweating excessively.

3. Stay Out of the Water

While bikini waxing is mostly done simply for the sake of keeping the area smooth and hair-free, it is also often done ahead of a beach or a pool day. If you are waxing for the latter reason, it is best to schedule your appointment at least two days before you plan to take a plunge into the water or sunbathe. This is because these activities are a huge no-no after waxing has taken place. Saltwater or the chemicals used to chlorinate a pool are recipes for irritation and disaster. Heat, as discussed above, is also a huge concern for the area in its sensitive state. The sun can also cause hyper-pigmentation in which the sensitive skin becomes permanently darkened, so you do want to be very careful here.

4. No Touching the Goodies

Bacteria is a major issue for your bikini area after it has been waxed as it is more open and receptive to them than ever. This is the reason why waxed skin must be given additional attention to ensure that the area remains clean consistently. Your hands touch numerous objects and areas throughout the day, and they, therefore, encounter a lot of impurities that can cause an infection. Keep them away from the waxed area as much as possible. Apply skincare products only after your hands have been cleaned and do not pick ingrown hairs. Sexual activity must also be avoided for at least 48 hours for this reason, as well avoidance of friction to the area, so ensure you let your partner know (as disappointing as the news may be).

5. Get the Aloe Vera

This is for the purpose of soothing and calming the skin that is usually in a sore and uncomfortable state in the initial phase after waxing. An aloe vera gel is always a handy remedy to have, and it is even taken to waxing appointments by some people so it can be applied immediately after. The gel soothes the skin through rehydration and restoration of the natural moisture lost during the process. You may also use a compound such as tea tree oil to help fend off bacteria as it is known for its anti-bacterial properties. The application of these should be done regularly throughout the two-day period after waxing to keep the area calm and clean.

6. Exfoliate

This should not be done within the first two days of waxing as it makes the skin susceptible to irritation. Once that time has passed, however, exfoliating becomes a necessary step in the prevention of ingrown hairs, which lead to the bumpy appearance that women dread. As time passes after waxing, the skin is known to close over follicles, which causes new hairs to get trapped. There is also a layer of dead skin cells that lays atop the skin. Both problems lead to ingrown hairs, and the solution to said problems is exfoliation. The process must be done regularly along with moisturization to avoid ingrown hairs. You can do your exfoliation with a body scrub, and it is recommended that you do up to three times a week after the second day has passed after waxing. Going over this three-time maximum weekly can damage the skin so avoid overdoing it.

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7. Don’t Stop Now

As you continuously get exposed to a certain stimulus, your body begins to adjust to make the exposure easier. Waxing is no different, and this is the reason that people report feeling less pain as it is done more. The effects of waxing last about a month, so to maintain the look and to get more comfortable, schedule your sessions every four weeks.

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