The GentleMax is a great laser for laser hair removal and in the right hands – the right laser technician – may be the best that you can use.
Pros of the Candela GentleMax Pro Machine that we use for laser hair removal:
-It has 20/22/24 mm Large Spot Delivery System makes the GentleMax Pro the fastest dual wavelength hair removal laser in the market.
-Extremely versatile and will easily go from hair removal to vein treatment. So it is great for clinics and practitioners who are doing a wide variety of treatments.
-Candela lasers require less servicing. In general things are far less likely to go wrong.
-The GentleMax works extremely quickly and effectively. Those looking to offer the maximum array of options frequently select this machine as it handles everything from hair removal, lesions, sun damaged skin and spider veins, to vascular anomalies, freckles, telangiectasia and nail fungus.