Treat your skin like royalty with this all- natural skin healing ointment.
Roll on bruised and/or traumatized skin to aid in swift recovery as many times as needed.
This pure essential oil blend has:
Balsam Copaiba {Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal}
Frankincense {Antiseptic, disinfectant,}
Geranium {speeds up healing of wounds, assists in pain reduction}
White Spruce {Purifying}
Carrot Seed {Detoxifying, Antioxidant, Antiseptic}
Avocado oil {Highly Nutritive value, Hydrating & rich in Oleic Acid}
Tamanu Nut oil {Wound Healing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Pain Relieving}
GREAT for Athletes who perform high impact sporting activities, clumsies, and all others for any skin abrasion, burn, cut, bruise or skin ailment.