The Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for the Skin

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 / Rachael Brown

Sweet Almond oil is one of the key ingredients in the Do Me Dirty Scrub we’ve just released. One of the biggest secrets behind the use of almond oil for skin treatments is the high level of fatty acids contained in the final oil mixture. Fatty acids serve as a natural emollient for the skin, and can help the skin lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier. Emollients are especially effective for conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.

One of the other reasons why almond oil is beneficial is because of its ability to plump and firm the skin. Almond oil works as a natural face exfoliator to help to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of healthier skin. When used topically, the formulated almond oil for skin products or treatments is absorbed by the fatty cells of the skin. The moisture in the oil is then utilized by the tissues to repair damaged cells and give skin a more youthful appearance.Sweet Almond Oil


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